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A New Way to Approach
Cyber Defence

A new way to protect your organization, White Tuque is your partner in identifying threats, understanding your risk, and ensuring your business remains resilient.

We have a passion for problem solving and a track record of turning gaps into solutions where it matters most.

Decades of combined experience protecting critical assets globally across multiple sectors.

Committed to leveraging our experience to provide clients with customized solutions that promote cyber resiliency, defence and minimize risks.

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What could the top experts in their field do to help protect organizations who did not have unlimited resources? What difference could they make to those that need it most? White Tuque is here to answer that question.

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Innovative Solutions for
Cyber Defence and Cyber Preparedness

Playbook and Process Creation icon

Playbook and Process Creation

Providing clear, concise and practical strategies to defend against cyber threats, ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in any event and whom to call to defend your organization.

Intelligence and Analysis icon

Intelligence and Analysis

Building your own threat intelligence capability that will enable your organization to not only defend against threats but make informed business decisions.

We've protected the biggest and most vulnerable. We can help

Cyber Threat Management icon

Cyber Threat Management

Ensuring your organization has a partner in identifying risks, mitigating threats, managing and utilizing intelligence.

Exercises and Tabletops icon

Exercises and Tabletops

White Tuque’s experienced team provides real-world, intelligence-driven scenarios that validate, and strengthen your organizations response to potential threats.

Managed Risk Assessments icon

Managed Risk Assessments

Leveraging White Tuque’s expertise to understand your technical, operational and all potential downstream risks.

Vulnerability and Configuration Management Icon

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Gaining visibility of what assets are a part of your organization and the risks they bring to your company is key to getting ahead of breaches.

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White Tuque is the vision of Crisis and Cyber Incident Manager Robert D Stewart, a veteran in building highly impactful and effective teams to solve complex problems in times of crisis.

A solution is needed to deal with increasing cyber risks and impacts North American businesses are facing and their limited options for top cyber help.

At the same time, top talent in cyber defence are facing a mental health crisis, and stress leaves and burnouts are more prevalent than ever.

To resolve this crisis, an elite group of problem solvers specializing in intelligence, risk, business resiliency, operations and cyber defence were gathered to come up with innovative solutions to help businesses with their cyber needs.

This is White Tuque..

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Bringing our core concepts into all that we do.

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Empowering our partners to utilize threat intelligence to understand threats and risks impacting their organizations and people.

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Ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, simple actions defend your organization.

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Always prepared for adverse scenarios, and be at our partners side when they need it most.

Insights + Intel

Cyberattacks – The True Costs

It seems that every day brings a new headline detailing a major cyberattack resulting in significant operational issues, data corruption, or data loss. T-Mobile, The

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White Tuque, a provider of innovative solutions for Cyber Defence and Cyber Preparedness, announced today its partnership with Qualys Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions. @qualys

White Tuque Adds Noted Vulnerability Management Architect Mitchell Dollin as VP of Infrastructure & Managed Security Services

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Let’s have a conversation about who is targeting your data and your people.

Ensuring our partners have an understanding of their responsibilities and risk, is at the core of all we do.