Tabletop Exercises

Preparation for when the unexpected happens.

Tabletop exercises offered by White Tuque allow your organization to gauge its response to a cyber event without having to experience it first hand.

Exercises and lessons learned are quickly becoming part of the foundation of any organization’s cyber defence.  White Tuque’s experienced facilitators bring unique real-world scenarios, including the unexpected pivots organizations must take, that walk our partner through their response plan and identify actionable opportunities. 

Engaging and

Our Tabletop activities, the scenarios, pivots and injects provided, ensure an engaging and memorable experience for all levels of employees. We focus on not only the ‘How?’, but the ‘Why?’ 

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Employee group meeting focusing on key areas

Our Focus is on Key

As with actual Cyber Events, in White Tuque Exercises everyone has a part to play in ensuring your Cyber Defence. We focus on key areas of Cyber Event Management such as communication, escalation, legal, regulatory, public relations, and executive reporting.

Clear Action Items + Summaries

White Tuque’s subject matter experts will build each scenario and after-action report with input from our client.  Ensuring we meet the objectives of the customer, deliver a detailed summary of the exercise and actionable recommendations.

Employees being presented clear action items and summaries

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