We Simplify Cybersecurity
Risk Management

Whether you have one laptop & a gmail or a full fleet of distributed machines, sensitive customer data, and POS systems, we ensure you are protected through a simple central cyber risk management system.

Small and Medium Businesses
Need Protection

Cyber insurance is just one layer of protection. Without the proper protocols in place, you could still be liable for security breaches in your business. We have decades of experience in the space and have secured the best pricing available for centralized management of all the cyber tools you’ll need. Mix and match to your specific needs.

Awareness & Training
Identify Vulnerabilities
& Patching
Enhanced Anti-Virus
Chief Information Security
Officer On-Demand

Awareness & Training

Train your team to spot threats before they click.
Strengthen your human firewall today.

Identify Vulnerabilities
& Patching

Close the door to ransomware by fixing problems before you are attacked

Manage patches and shut all the doors to attacks through White Tuque’s Vulnerability & Configuration…

Enhanced Anti-Virus
Managed Detection & Response

Monitored by real humans, we catch advanced attacks before they spread

Boost your cybersecurity defences with Managed Detection & Response (MDR). Our expert team leverages…

Chief Information Security
Officer On-Demand

Security leadership in-house to help your business scale and grow

Empower your business with CISO.D, our On-Demand Chief Information Security Officer service.

Why should you care about risk management & remediation?

Mitigate your risk and ensure your business doesn’t lose a step in the face of a potential cyberattack.

Intelligent prevention is the name of the game. By taking smart steps today, you can mitigate your risk of interruption to your business operations, lost employee and/or customer data, lost or strained relationships with vendors, and reputational damage. Maintain operational resiliency and ensure your business doesn’t lose a step in the face of a cyberattack with our Risk Management and Remediation programs.




Protect your
customer and
employee data


Protect your
with vendors
and partners


damage to
your business

Not Sure Where You Need
to Start in Cybersecurity?

We can help! We want to make sure that you purchase only what you need. We have Cyber Ready plans to help roadmap your cyber needs so you know exactly how to improve your cybersecurity posture.

For many organizations, we can facilitate a grant application to subsidize a custom cybersecurity readiness plan so you have a clear understanding of exactly what tools you need, zero interest loans to help cover the cost

Rest easy knowing your business
is protected from cyber attacks.

Find the service that’s right for you to secure your business and reduce your technology risk.

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