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Innovative Solutions for Cyber Defence and Cyber Preparedness

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We educate and prepare.

White Tuque is a unique approach to Cyber Defence and Business Resiliency through collaboration and innovation.

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Cyber Threat Management

Ensure your preparedness for Cyber Events and have a trusted Partner prepared to respond when they occur.

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Playbook + Process Creation

Providing clear, concise, practical strategies to defend against cyber threats, know your responsibilities in any event and ensure you always have the right play to call to defend your organization.

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Exercises + Tabletops

White Tuque’s experienced team provides real world, intelligence driven, scenarios that will be used to validate, and strengthen your organizations response to potential threats.

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Intelligence + Analysis

Delivering world class intelligence and analysis services that will enable your organization to not only defend against threats but make informed business decisions.

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Managed Risk Assessments

Leverage White Tuque’s expertise to not only understand your technical risk, but all the potential downstream risk as a result. Leverage our experience in isolating and actioning opportunities.

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Who We Are

A new way to look at protecting your organization, White Tuque is your Partner in identifying threats, understanding your risk, and ensuring your business remains resilient.