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Vulnerability Management at QSC Orlando

By Raymond Kyte
VCM Team Lead

Qualys Security Conference (QSC) is an annual highlight for everyone in the Qualys ecosystem. It’s a yearly chance to connect directly with the decision makers, front-line staff, and customers who make the product what it is in terms of an industry-leading security platform. If you work regularly with Qualys and have never been, it’s an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons!

Raymond Kyte at the White Tuque Booth

This year was no exception, and attending for our second time as a fully fledged Qualys partner it helped to cement why our experience and relationship with Qualys is so important to our team at White Tuque. The conference gives attendees a unique opportunity to speak directly not only with their TAM, but also the product managers who guide the platform to the next level, the support managers who tackle their frustrations and subject matter experts of all stripes.

Product announcements like this year’s Enterprise TruRisk Platform are exciting for our team as we are always looking to tune and improve our own risk-based approach to vulnerability management. It’s been spurring great conversations amongst Victor, Mitch and myself since returning from the conference, and we are looking forward to seeing this unfold as additional risk factors continue to grow the possibilities and solidify the importance of risk-based vulnerability management.

For me, however, the best part of QSC has always been connecting with the folks who get shit done. Striving to be one of those people myself, it was energizing to discuss the world of VM with like-minded shit-doers of all kinds. We were able to connect directly with multiple customers and TAMs that we have had the pleasure of working with since beginning this journey, and having had some time to reflect, it is further energizing personally to be able to attend a conference like QSC and see so many familiar faces who are just as happy to see us as we are them.

We left completely exhausted and full to the brim with ideas, follow-ups and overall gratitude to be doing what we do with the tools and people that we are fortunate enough to do it with. If you are curious in the benefits of a Risk Based approach to your vulnerability scanning and reporting needs, let’s talk about doing a VMRA for your program! If you’ve recently purchased or are planning to deploy a new VM solution, reach out and we can discuss the best possible way White Tuque can set you up for success. We have a solid track record that can directly demonstrate a strong return on investment for every customer that we have worked with.

Anyone who uses Qualys and has never attended QSC should really think about making the trip next year (especially if you work with us at White Tuque!). It’s free to attend, and the experiences and connections you will make are invaluable. Hope to see you there next year!

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