Simple, Innovative solutions for Cyber Defence and Business Resiliency

When you leverage White Tuque as a partner, you get the combined experience of our subject matter experts, and our passion for empowering organizations to take control of their cyber posture and mitigate the risks that matter.

We apply our experience and passion in working with all of our clients, organizations big and small. We work closely with clients to understand their risks, the threats they face, and build security solutions customized for their business. Only by fully identifying risk, understanding how threat actors target your systems, and practicing your required response – can you be truly prepared.

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Gaining visibility of what assets are a part of your organization and the risks they bring to your company is key to getting ahead of breaches. White Tuque’s Vulnerability and Configuration Management services focus on optimizing the performance of your vulnerability management program and maximizing the value out of your tools. With work from home, Infrastructure as Code, Software as a Service, and containerization becoming more common, Vulnerability Management programs need to mature to meet these tasks.

Managed Risk Assessments icon

Managed Risk Assessments

We know how to find the risks.  We’ve been there. We investigate all aspects of your business across people, process and technology in order to determine what risks your organization faces in day-to-day operations. We see the risk other firms are not aware of and we turn every gap into an opportunity.

Playbook + Process Creation icon

Playbook and Process Creation

We ensure organizations have clear and concise response plans, customized cyber playbooks and robust processes to help organizations identify and mitigate risk. White Tuque’s experienced experts work with all stakeholders – from front line staff to executives – to ensure your personnel understand their responsibilities and obligations during a cyber event.

Exercises + Tabletops icon

Exercises and Tabletops

Using our experience, we create targeted scenarios for your organization that not only deal with immediate containment, but everything that follows. Through the use of real world scenarios, with clearly defined objectives, your teams will have the opportunity to strengthen your response prior to any potential attacks.

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Cybersecurity Leadership

We are your partner in cyber defence.  We work with your people, your technology and leverage White Tuque’s methodology to assess, prepare and defend your organization. We utilize White Tuque’s Cyber Threat Management approach to provide our partners with the essential framework to help defend against potential cyber attacks and to ensure you have a partner at your side when it matters most.

| our methodology

Bringing our core concepts into all that we do.

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Using actionable intelligence and in-depth analysis to ensure our partners understand the potential threat to their organization.

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Ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, be able to perform simple actions that can defend your organization.

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Always being prepared for adverse scenarios, and be at our partners side when they need it most.

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