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White Tuque Newsletter | December 2023

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Feds brace for implementation of SEC cyber disclosure rules

The U.S. government is readying to implement contentious new disclosure rules for digital attacks that could both create headaches for the private sector and law enforcement and shed invaluable light on the state of ransomware and online threats.

On December 18, a rule passed earlier this year by the Securities and Exchange Commission will go into force that in most cases requires public companies to disclose when they have experienced cyber incidents no later than four business days after they determine the intrusion will have a material impact on operations.

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White Tuque’s TakeAs governments look at ways to mandate more transparency around breaches, companies and organizations should review their processes and prepare for incident reporting. Further, organizations need to consider the difference between being compliant and being secure, and how to improve both.

– Henry

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Canadian mid-sized firms pay an average $1.13 million to ransomware gangs

The average ransomware payment made by mid-sized Canadian companies this year was just over $1 million, according to a new survey.

The survey of IT professionals at 1,000 organizations with between 100 and 1,000 employees, done for Palo Alto Networks, was released Thursday.

Called the Canadian Ransomware Barometer, it found that while the volume of ransomware attacks here had decreased since the last study two years ago, the average ransom paid was $1.13 million. That’s a 150 per cent increase over 2021.

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White Tuque’s TakeYear-end recaps are prevalent in the headlines, but this retrospective is incredibly informative. This survey shows the reality of cyberattacks on medium-sized Canadian businesses in 2023. If you’re looking for predictions as we head into 2024, the Canadian Ransomware Barometer offers insights to the future, and evidence that ensuring your business is cyber-resilient means investing in securing your people, your processes, and your technology.

– Meredith

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A Conversation of InfoSec Technology Predictions | Redefining CyberSecurity Podcast

White Tuque’s CNO and VP Security Consulting, Laura Payne, took part in a panel discussion with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli of the ITSPmagazine Podcast Network. Offering reflections on trends and headlines in cybersecurity from 2023, this podcast episode features insights and predictions for the future of cyber, tech, and our daily lives.

Watch their discussion on YouTube.

White Tuque’s Take: The cybersecurity industry is a true community, a theme that comes up throughout this podcast. Even though the world of cyber is full of FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt – this conversation offers a hopeful and human perspective from experts and thought leaders who are active in all areas of cybersecurity. Check it out!

– Rob 

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Qualys Security Conference (QSC) is an annual highlight for everyone in the Qualys ecosystem. It’s a yearly chance to connect directly with the decision makers, front-line staff, and customers who make the product what it is in terms of an industry-leading security platform. If you work regularly with Qualys and have never been, it’s an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons!

This year was no exception, and attending for our second time as a fully fledged Qualys partner it helped to cement why our experience and relationship with Qualys is so important to our team at White Tuque. The conference gives attendees a unique opportunity to speak directly not only with their TAM, but also the product managers who guide the platform to the next level, the support managers who tackle their frustrations and subject matter experts of all stripes.

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White Tuque Nominated at Barrie Mayor's Innovation Awards
It was an honour to be recognized in the Creative Collaboration category, nominated for our partnership with Nottawasaga Futures in connection with the County of Simcoe, to protect rural-based businesses from cyber threats.
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