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Starting a blog is a lot like tackling a new business goal. You have an idea, you have specific goals for the nascent notion that is forming into actual action, and you know there’s a lot you don’t know because, well, this is undiscovered country. Putting pen to paper for the first time on any new endeavour can be intimidating, confusing, and downright discouraging. Pushing past those barriers to make your goal a reality is something we all know we must do, but it’s difficult.

Starting your cybersecurity program is a lot like starting a blog. As a leader in your business, you’re well aware that cybersecurity is more than just a buzz term. The news cycle regularly features cyber attacks, your business needs to satisfy industry and government regulations regarding cybersecurity, and you know for sure that you don’t want your business to have to go through one of those Very Bad Days. You’re prepared and able to defend your business from traditional threats; however, improving your company’s cybersecurity posture is still on your business “to do” list.

Getting Started is the First Step

It’s moments such as these where business leaders emerge as thought leaders. Identifying that an evolution in business practices and processes is necessary is something that thought leaders do. Conducting research, gathering data, and speaking with experienced peers turns thinking into action. White Tuque’s team of experts have been through countless Very Bad Days and have helped businesses bounce back. Our Leadership Team is actively “spreading the word” of how cybersecurity can fit businesses of all shapes and sizes, notably with upcoming presentations at Canada’s largest IT security conference, SecTor 2022, October 4th through 6th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

It goes without saying that all of us at White Tuque are excited to be at SecTor 2022. We are just wrapping up our first year of operations and it’s a thrill to be featured with a table in the Start-Up & Education area. Having three members of our leadership team featured at SecTor with two presentations and co-hosting the CISO Summit are highlights share with pride. This is because White Tuque’s thought leaders have insights that aren’t limited in value to only industry leaders and other techies. In fact, the complete opposite is the case because at White Tuque our approach is shaped by understanding our clients’ needs first – your people, process, and technology – and shaping your defense strategy to fit your business. Despite the audience at SecTor’s background in cybersecurity, these talks were planned with White Tuque clients in mind.

Being Prepared

COO and VP of Cyber Risk & Assurance, Kevin Sandschafer, will present his talk, “What Do You Mean Moose Meat? Advancing Resilience Through Preparing for the Unexpected.” Business resiliency refers to how your business can weather a storm, especially those that land without warning. Kevin’s experience in thinking through each variable at every step of the post-attack response process in advance is invaluable in developing an executable resiliency plan. When you’re having a Very Bad Day it can be vexing and overwhelming to navigate the decision tree of priorities, communications, disseminating duties, and all the required steps to ensure your business can continue to operate while you recover from the attack. White Tuque is your partner in protection at every step, laying the foundation with a robust plan for how your business will respond to an attack.

Choosing Your Priorities

Mitch Dollin, our VP of Infrastructure and Co-Managed Services, approaches cybersecurity with your vulnerabilities in mind. His presentation “Vulnerability Management: Try Fixing Less to Reduce More Risk” demonstrates the importance of knowing where you are vulnerable to attack and understanding which risks should be addressed when. Any business leader knows that efficiency is a consideration in any operational undertaking, and Mitch applies this thinking to addressing cyber threats. By paying less attention to the severity of your vulnerability and more attention to the risk associated with each vulnerability, you can prioritize your cyber action items and maximize the efficiency of the security tools you use.


At the outset of this piece, I compared a blog post to a new business idea. This latest post for our firm is an introduction to what we’re focused on at White Tuque and what we think you should consider. I introduced some members of our Leadership Team because they are strong leaders with innovative insights, but the truth is we are all leaders in our own roles. You can distinguish yourself in your business role as a thought leader by taking cybersecurity into consideration.

Making cybersecurity part of your organization’s identity shows your team is forward-thinking and that your business can remain resilient during times of crisis. White Tuque can help your business plan ahead, prioritize your actions, and enable you to efficiently respond to cyber threats. We are here to empower you, so you and your clients can feel confident in the security of your assets.

At White Tuque, we believe that a robust cybersecurity posture isn’t a luxury, it’s something every business needs and deserves. At White Tuque, we understand the risk. We know the threat. We can help.

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